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Tarte Flambée

Enjoy Tarte Flambée!

Come to our Restaurant at Hotel Delfino in Lugano and try the tasty Tarte Flambée, prepared in different styles!
Tarte flambée is baked at high temperatures, similar to a pizza. We prepare it with a rustic dough of rye flour, cover it traditionally with crème fraiche and the ingredients of your choice.
Also for a different Apero time!

Our Tarte Flambée

Original Ham, onions and Münster cheese CHF 16.-
Gourmet fresh spinach, Gorgonzola cheese and bacon CHF 18.-
Italian  Parma ham, olives and rucola CHF 19.-
Ticino Ticino sausage and fresh local cheese büsción CHF 18.-
Winter scent apple, cinnamon sugar and Calvados CHF 12.-
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