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Hotel Delfino Lugano respects the environment

This hotel in Lugano respects and protects the environment: our CO2 emissions were cut by 53 mtpy (metric tons per year).

In early 2013 a specialist company in building automation technology, following the guidelines of the Swiss Environmental Protection Act, installed a new unit in the hotel to better regulate their heating requirements. The success of this new plant was incredible: intelligent regulation of the new system has meant a reduction by more than one third of the hotel's energy consumption. This allows the Hotel Delfino Lugano to save approximately 19,000 lt of heating fuel each year and electricity consumption has also been reduced by 7%. In the first year the hotel was able to save SwFrs.19,000 in fuel and electricity, which resulted in a reimbursement on CO2 taxes paid up to that time on heating fuels. your social media marketing partner